The manner is foolish

Swallow day of battle honour!

Manner of the 231st chapter is foolish

Lin Tianhao the bottom lines that challenge Qin Yu, try Qin Yu of bully and oppress.

Qin Yu can let him live to be now, had been his face.

But this dog thing, with its father Lin Ye conspires, with intense blood blast plot against Qin Yu, this made Qin Yu complete move kill a heart.

Except Qin Yu is broken saw intense blood blast, be afraid dead now, it is him Qin Yu.

This evil spirit, qin Yu is borne all the time in the heart, of complete nowadays outbreak come.

“Since you cannot be returned, that gives me gone. ” Lin Ye glower and Chi, the blue veins on forehead is cruel case, erupt extremely strong breath.

It is under this breath, all child, all complexion is cadaverous, skeleton makes sound, stand even the station even flabby.

“Bad, lin Ye deacon is true by rile! Lin Ye deacon is true by rile!!

“Hum, this is small beast killed son of Lin Ye deacon, lin Ye deacon lets off him how possibly, he is waiting to bear the fury of Lin Ye deacon. He is waiting to bear the fury of Lin Ye deacon..

“Yes, depend on the position of Lin Ye deacon, it is kill this boy 1000 times, 10 thousand not beyond the mark! 10 thousand not beyond the mark!!

The say with frosty everybody, to Qin Yu fleer, but had turned over a god to come, kittenish to Lin Ye however, the hope can insinuate Lin Ye.

Qin Yu sees this one act, despise in the heart.

These people, still be face of a bit dog does not want really, shameless arrived the utmost.

“Little beast, you killed my son, I grow up your refine oily, order day tube. ” Lin Ye’s ferocious say, forward Qin Yu is killed come.

Eye of eye of feather of the Qin Dynasty sinks, eye dew is killed machine.

“Stop, give me stop one’s hand! ” when Lin Ye is starting work, a powerful coercion, arrived to come down however, barred Lin Ye come down.

“Chu Hao, he is not to be accompanied all the time be in too mad beside presbyterial, how to go out to be here now. ” Lin Ye sees this young person, complexion changes.

And, mention too mad presbyterial, in Lin Ye heart, can’t help showing a fear, be opposite apparently its dread is clinking.

“Hunan is little, the as it happens that you come to, this little beast did not comprehend fierce ability, by me according to custom expulsive grand like that ancestor, but who knows him to have resentment, in the dark sneak attack my son Lin Tianhao, let my son suffer die a violent death. ” Lin Ye sees deferential say.

When its talk, returned what do not forget Leng Leng to see Qin Yu, all over the face the color that sneer at.

“This is old dog, good shameless. ” cold track of feather of the Qin Dynasty.

It is this old dog father and son obviously, plot against Qin Yu is prevenient, instead is evil person brings a lawsuit against first now, blamed a Qin Yu to come.

Chu Hao saw Lin Tianhao’s body, brows is knitted, ask to Qin Yu: “It is you, killed Lin Ye deacon child, lin Tianhao? Lin Tianhao??

“I am killed, can this how? ” Qin Yu’s insipid say, do not have any concealing, do not have the dread meaning of a bit more.

Chu Hao sees Qin Yu is such of mention lightly, slightly one anger: “Hum, dare be in my grand like that ancestor homicide, your whacker courage. Your whacker courage..

Although he does not believe unilateral statement of Lin Ye, but a child that still does not have an introduction, dare such wantonning, kill grand like that ancestor formal child.

If do not give one of dots the lesson, that still did not return a day in the future.

“Is my courage very great? ” Qin Yu asks in reply, the say of not care a nut: “I arrive not to feel my courage is very great, and, lin Tianhao challenges my bottom line ceaselessly, ought not to die? Ought not to die??

“Lin Tianhao challenges your bottom line, but this also cannot make your bloodguilty argument, and Lin Tianhao is my grand like that ancestor child, it is made a fault, also answer by give execute the law child deals with, you have no right to kill him. You have no right to kill him..

Chu Hao is not angry from power path, have Wang Zhe flavor one time quite.

“Ah, grand like that ancestor still be shield a shortcoming of fault really! ” Qin Yu laughs suddenly rise, ask: “Then I ask you, if somebody is taken,wear your neck to go up, you are killed, still do not kill? Still do not kill??

“Be afraid, had not waited execute the law child comes, you had been killed. You had been killed..

“Is it possible that you should wait issued hell, saw an extremely cruel and violent person, go searching again execute the law child gives you redress the scales, ah, this is my this lifetime, heard the biggest joke. Heard the biggest joke..

“Still have, you come here, pay no attention to the rights and wrongs, blame me to commit murder, have a place rather too foolish. Have a place rather too foolish..

“Be like grand like that ancestor, it is foolish like you, meet sooner or later ruined, so, this grand like that ancestor be not entered. This grand like that ancestor be not entered..

Qin Yu’s voice is not big, but each word, have 10 thousand it seems that your force.

Fall in the ear of everybody, let everybody mind shake, be like surging Jiang Shui, gallop acutenessly, for a long time cannot calm.

Especially last, deep brand is in everybody heart.

This grand like that ancestor, be not entered!

“Hum? This boy still is a day really not be afraid that the ground is not afraid of advocate, killed a person not to say, actually I came since scoff at. ” path of the twittering in Hunan grand heart.

But his heart, by Qin Yu’s word, touch slightly.

A door, if connect dispute black and white it is not clear to be done, it is incompetent not just, can say like Qin Yu really however in that way, be destroyed.

And, chu Hao can experience Qin Yu in the eye, transmit the desire of that disgust to him, this makes Hunan grand heart medium indissoluble: ” my true err? ” my true err??

Lin Ye sees this one act, a look that take pleasure in other’s misfortune promotes however in eye eye.

Chu Hao can be grand like that ancestor the first path Great Master is too mad presbyterial.

child, qin Yu actually not know what’s good, rile Chu Hao.

Come so, qin Yu dies surely.

Chu Hao is questioned closely by Qin Yu, even if he knows he is something wrong, a internal heat also came in the heart, cold track: “Good, since you say so, then I give you your conference of the explanation, but if you say not my satisfactory ground comes sell one’s own things, that does not blame my you’re welcome. That does not blame my you’re welcome..

“Do you want excuse? ” gown of Qin Yu sleeve is swung, sneer: “This is opposite Lin Ye and Lin Tianhao dog father and son, aether ancient incomplete blast hematic evil spirit blast circumvent I, want put to flight my volition, excuse me, do this calculate do not calculate reason? Do this calculate do not calculate reason??

Qin Yu’s word, just say, chu Hao loses track immediately: “Hematic evil spirit blast do you defeat solution? “Hematic evil spirit blast do you defeat solution??

“Pretty good, falling just about. ” Qin Yu is light say: “If this reason returns the word that cannot make you satisfactory, then Lin Tianhao moves to me, want to obliterate my thing before the face of everybody, calculate again do not calculate reason? Calculate again do not calculate reason??

After Chu Hao hears Qin Yu to admit, the anger on the face disappears entirely not only, still nod hastily agree path: “Calculate, calculate, calculate of course! Calculate of course!!

This change, let Qin Yu slightly frown, in the heart very interrogative.

Nevertheless, did not wait for Qin Yu to want to understand, chu Hao asks with respect to phonate: “Young junior fellow apprentice, you call Qin Yu is, everything a moment ago, be misunderstanding? Be misunderstanding??

Chu Hao gave the lot with old overgrowth of his Shi Zuntai, search blood of the intense that defeat solution everywhere blast person.

Nevertheless, he searched full a day, almost will whole grand like that ancestor search, also did not find blood of the intense that defeat solution blast person.

Below Leng Zhi of heart grey meaning, chu Hao decides to return hole your home, fortunately see Qin Yu and Lin Ye had conflict, so this ability comes down to ask.

What can not think of is, the person that he sought hard, it is a child that still does not have an introduction actually, while this allows an accident, very surprizing.